Save Our Human Rights Act

The Freedom of Information Act is a vital tool for holding the Government and public bodies to account. Anyone, regardless of age, nationality, or where you live, can make a freedom of information request, making FOI vital to the transparency of our democracy. FOI has led to the exposure of significant institutional wrongdoings and failures including:

But this Government is trying to water down FOI law, making it easier for them to reject requests for information - this will encourage secrecy and undermine accountability.

We cannot let them get away with this, so Caroline Lucas MP is calling on the Government to drop its plans to amend the FOI Act.

Caroline’s motion in summary says: “That the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000 exists to, amongst other things, help hold the Government account and improve the public's understanding of what it does." "That the existing FOI framework has led to the exposure of significant wrongdoings" "The Government should drop its plans to amend the FOI Act on the basis that there is no value in fixing something that is not broken.”   You can read the whole motion here.

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